Win the Lottery!


Lets face it winning lotto is down to luck. How is your luck doing today? Wouldn't it be nice to know your luck before buying lotto?



We have developed a way to gauge your current luck level using ancient Hindu Vedic Astrology and generate lucky numbers using advanced mathematical model.


This software named “Lotto Astrology” will forecast your luck and generate the most probable winning lottery numbers for popular lottery systems around the world. It uses both ancient Vedic philosophy and advanced mathematical models for lottery prediction and give you an ultimate edge to win the lottery.


This software is a result of years of hard work of people expert in Vedic philosophy, advanced mathematics and software engineering.


About software
Lotto Astrology has two step process. In the first process, your luck is predicted on any given day based on your date of birth, birth place and geographical position using the vedic philosophy. In the second stage, a series of most probable winning lotto numbers will be generated using advanced mathematical models. Use these numbers and play lotto on your lucky days.

Invisible forces of planets and stars guide our lives. We witness some visible effects around us every day, such as, tides in the sea arising from the force of the moon’s gravitation pull, which influences life at the seashores. The Sun provides radiant energy for life to thrive on the earth. This is not just limited to the sun, the moon and stars, cosmos as a whole governs our mood, wellbeing and definitely our luck! Scientists, basically the astronomers and physicists, have been working for decades to explore effects of extra-terrestrials cosmos on human lives. However, vedic astrology, which is around us from thousands of years, has extensively provided an elaborated knowledge and prediction of such effects on us. People in the Indian subcontinent believe on vedic astrology and its prediction philosophy. They believe on its predictions because it has been working for them every day. Here, we are talking about more than a billion peoples’ faith.


Besides, Lotto Astrology software relies on advanced mathematical modelling to generate most probable winning lotto number which significantly increases your chance of winning lotto. We have included strong statistical analysis methods based on historical data (previous winning lotto numbers not just from Australia but from around the world) so that you could see it to believe for yourself. In addition to what is listed in the data analysis section, we have developed a proprietary method for improving probability to win lottery.

Playing lottery based on birthday and simply doing quick picks may not be a good idea because odds of winning are very low. Please try Lotto Astrology and increase your probability of winning lotto significantly.
Please do not get disappointed, if you don't get lucky in the first few trials. Winning a lotto is a game of probability, which significantly increases when you play more games with most probable winning numbers. Our software amalgamates both vedic philosophy and advance mathematical models to generate series of most probable winning numbers and predict your lucky day. Use Lotto Astrology to pick the winning numbers and play on your lucky days. You won't get disappointed."

If you are buying lotto tickets, why not give the “Lotto Astrology” a try. You never know, your winning day may be just around the corner.


Please remember to gamble responsibly.